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To Build or To Buy:
Decoding the Online Marketplace Revolution

A business impact analysis of monolithic and MACH systems for ecommerce engines

Retail Without Borders 2023 | London

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Speaker Details

Francisco Campos | Chief Operating Officer | Onport - Farfetch Group

Francisco has spent the last 6 years building, managing and optimising marketplaces, including: The Sea Collective, Overcube and The Farfetch Group. As the COO of Onport, Francisco has spent the last 4 years helping multi vendor marketplaces scale. When he’s not busy with Onport, you can find him skateboarding and surfing around Porto, Portugal.

Workshop Abstract

The growth of online commerce has led to expectations of digital experiences that legacy architectures often struggle to meet. As a result there has been a transformation in development principles for building and scaling e-commerce engines.

MACH, an alternative to monolithic systems, is a future-proof architecture for multi vendor commerce. Its popularity continues to grow, with 85% of decision makers increasing elements of MACH in their systems over the next six months. 

In this workshop, we’ll look at how each development approach influences your value proposition, operational structure and competitive advantage.


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  1. How to remain operationally flexible and disruption free

  2. Strategies for accelerating Time to Market

  3. The value of integrations and the cost of long term maintenance

  4. Resource planning for each development approach

  5. What to do with your existing architecture

What our customers say


Flexible integration options

Automated manual tasks

Set-up and creation capabilities

What’s great with Onport is the flexibility in the integration because we can use the API to integrate with our custom solution. We can really decide what Onport is going to do, versus what are we going to do. If we want to keep a strategic part of our tech stack while integrating, we can do that with Onport.

We know Onport is crucial because it removes the need to manually update feeds ourselves. When we upload products, I know that everything is being taken care of and that we don’t have to worry about things like changes in order quantities.

We needed a platform that would allow us to handle the complexities of launching and managing a mutli vendor, online marketplace. There were a few options in the market but Onport was the one that gave us the most advantages, and the largest amount of integrations.

Elliot Aeschlimann

Founder | Bombinate

Giovanni Friggi

Co-Founder & CEO

Ad Hoc Atelier

Edwin Klasens

Integrations Specialist



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